4 Quick Tips for Pharma Social Media Best Practices

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Pharma and social media might seem like strange bedfellows, but social media isn’t just for posting pics of your cat, kids, holiday or muesli breakfast.

If harnessed properly, social media can be used to: 1) create a positive relationship with consumers; and 2) manage brand awareness and reputation.

Does your company actively engage with its social pages? Or has it been banished to Latersville – but later never arrives?

At Arterial Group, we understand the importance of your brand’s value, so we’ve comprised a list of quick tips to help guide your social media strategy.

1. Blaze the trail that’s already been blazed before

Facebook and Twitter are now considered to be mature social platforms, with countless case studies showing what has and has not worked in the pharma social media space. We now know it’s safe to create appropriate multichannel campaigns which include social media as a piece of your digital strategy puzzle. Follow safe and established pharma social protocols and leave the “trend setting” for brands that are less sensitive to internal or governmental regulations.

2. Work with your regulatory compliance team

If you work for one of the large pharma organisations with hundreds of thousands of social media “fans”, it’s important to carefully manage which messages you’re delivering. Work with your internal compliance team to understand your social media policies and ensure your messaging is consistent with your brand’s objectives.

3. Invest in social media listening tools

Take advantage of social listening tools such as Mention, IFTTT, Hootsuite, and Keyholeto monitor the social landscape for brand and industry specific keyword mentions. Information gleaned from these services can help you keep a pulse on how the public views your brand and, more importantly, open up an opportunity for brand transparency by creating dialogue with different commenters (which will be seen by “lurkers,” those who read the thread but do not comment). In fact, 94% of consumers say they’re more likely to be loyal to a brand that practices transparency.

4. Engage with comments in a professional and polite tone

Now you know WHAT people are saying about you, but HOW you respond can make or break your brand.

Social media has become a gladiator pit of debate, but the battles are being fought with two types of ammunition: emotion and reason.

The anti-science movement in particular has effectively leveraged emotion to fan the flames of mass hysteria – and pharma is squarely in the crosshairs  (i.e., “vaccines cause autism” and “all medications are poison”). But it’s important to maintain a courteous and civil tone at all times and never engage in an emotional street fight.

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